What is this site about?

Beau Blackcrow is a writer, I have published poetry, won awards, and authored books. I am also a game developer with several titles under my belt. There are so many careers and jobs I have preformed in my life; not all of them could be expressed here. So, this is my page.

This page is designed to make a place for me on the World Wide Web that is just for me. It has gone through four iterations now and honestly, it gets tiring. Hopefully this will be the last. So, sit back and read my ramblings, news, and maybe even reviews. We will see about that one, I am not a big fan of posting opinions.

Here you will be able to find some short stories to read, published novels and where to buy them, and other bloggy type stuff.

Honestly I Beau Blackcrow have never really known what junk to write in things like this post. It seems shallow, asinine, and advertise to me.



So yeah, seeing as how this is all me, I don't think I really need to go into detail here. I am a author, I write stuff.

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