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I leave this as a history record of my nonsense

I had a setback awhile ago. Without going into details, I actually wrote a bad book. I didn’t even think this was possible anymore. But, my publisher assured me that this was indeed the fact. I knew the story had issues and I forced it anyway. The first being that the main characters and the way they interacted were completely screwed by me having to remove the main character and go with a new one. It changed the dynamic of the story totally. I guess the story wasn’t bad. It was more like a report. I scrapped it instead of spending more time editing it than it took to write it.

Instead of just piling through, I wrote three stories and handed the first two chapters out to those involved, and one seemed to come through the gauntlet:

The Mage story, yep that it is the working title. It is not an urban fantasy if that is what you are thinking, most of the stuff in it is based on real mythology, alchemy, and cosmology. Another thing that grabbed the testers was the quirkiness of the characters. AND for the first time I heard laughter from the other room.

This story is going to take a while. I plan on it being a novella. But, it exists in three worlds and four parts. So I will keep you up to date.



So yeah, seeing as how this is all me, I don't think I really need to go into detail here. I am a author, I write stuff.

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