It seems that I haven’t done much to this site. Mainly because this is its third incarnation. In truth, I really don’t know what to put here. I mean, the first article is pretty lame. I didn’t actually write a bad book. What I consider to be a bad book is actually not what others feel it is. More accurately, I wrote a generic book and I have been unmotivated to rewrite it. It wasn’t exactly the book I wanted to write.

Somewhere over the rainbow, getting anything out on search engines is difficult, and now days I get more hackers visiting my sites than legit people. Awful turns in reality, have made the 21st century difficult. I feel defeated by disinformation, agendas, and avarice. So, this page has become a victim of that disparity.

I read even worse things about writing. People’s original works being outright stolen, and in the age of the copyright troll, I have had copyright violations straight up claimed against my original works. This crap has got to change, or a lot of the great works we have enjoyed in the past will never see their peers in the future.

It is a sad state of affairs in the world.

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