Today in the world of Blackcrow

So, after a long and trying struggle, I have moved. It took an exorbitant amount of effort, money, and time. In addition, my internet connection has been down for seventeen days. It only came back up today. We have suffered all manner of Cox contractor shenanigans. Five of those strangely clueless know-it-alls have been out, and one has come out twice. ← He knew what he was doing.

My partner is ready to go full-on terminator on the world at this point. This might sound bad, but wait, there’s more:

Before the move, I lost my 8 gig hard drive. This is an indescribable loss. What was on it was so much more than mere data loss.

Firstly, it had all my writing on it. We are talking at least a decade’s worth. Yep, in that lost directory I had two completed novels and three other books that were either halfway or three-quarters of the way done. Now, they are gone. Not to even mention the massive loss of ideas, concept art, and short stories I have written throughout the years.

I also lost all the masters to all my music, which dates back to 1992. You can listen to these demos here.

So, I am beginning fresh as they say. [Don’t ask me who they are because I have no idea]. Being bereft of a decade of work can be very liberating if you aren’t an old person.

However, this time around, I will attempt to keep you all up-to-date. At least the three of you who follow this page, anyway.




So yeah, seeing as how this is all me, I don't think I really need to go into detail here. I am a author, I write stuff.

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