Quixotic Murmurs – The beginning

Super Hero

So, I am sure I have complained enough about losing all my writing. So, without further ado I will charge ahead with my next project: Quixotic Intentions :: By: Blackcrow- Those were a lot of colons, huh?

To accomplish this new phase of my work, I decided to build a wiki in Python. Mostly to use as my world-building tool. Pretty neat, eh? Then I realized that would take a long time, so I have been searching for a readily available open source solution. In the end, I will probably just put up a local copy of WordPress.

Thus, Quixotic Intentions. This story has been banging around in my mind for a while. However, superpowers and superheroes are way overdone. I am so sick of the MCU and DC I could vomit if I see another character from their deluded, stupid, rewritten, toss the canon out the window, ridiculousness. RIP Stan Lee, I now know who was the brains behind the source. DC has always been wonky.

Quixotic Intentions has some challenging concepts I want to play out. I have always been interested in the psychology of individuals. If the world were suddenly to spawn superpowers, what would happen? I mean, really, what do you think would happen? Look at the world around you, then decide.

Firstly, right now there would be no super heroes because they would be everyone’s bitches, or at least the government and corporations would attempt to make it so. In this age of overt social correctness (let’s face it, that ain’t ever going to work), how would the world see these sorts of people? How would people endowed with power react to those weaker than them trying to force their ideals upon them?

These are questions I want to probe into with this work.

I embark on this journey and I will update you soon.

Note: I purposely put in that jab about social justice… Did it trigger you?



So yeah, seeing as how this is all me, I don't think I really need to go into detail here. I am a author, I write stuff.

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