Update: Quixotic Murmurs


I’m not sure what it is, I still have yet to set up my office and I have no desire nor motivation to write or code. I might have been superstitious enough to blame it on mercury; as it could be in retrograde due to our crazy state of nothing working right recently. However, that went out of retrograde on Oct. 11th. How crazy is that, at one point I actually looked it up?

It is very noisy here too. There are more screaming children outside my window, but these aren’t quite as bad as the banshee’s at our old place. There is no water for any substantial amount of time. It has been shut down three times since we moved in, and here in this state when they shut down the water it is usually for the entire day. It makes me wonder if there is some law that no one knows about.

However, with all this nonsense, I have been working on a set of short stories to introduce the world of the future. A place where superpowers are a bit frowned upon while still being envied.

In the end, I am not comfortable in this place, and the words are trickling out poorly. Even this post has ‘should I post this’ vibes all over it. My Beau Blackcrow site is not actually a place where complaints are welcomed. So, please know I am not complaining, I just don’t know exactly how to phrase why I am not writing or being motivated to do anything.

Perhaps it is the lack of my computer being set up. This requires a desk, and I have to rebuild it in a new case to support my new old video card that I bought and is sitting in its box. We did get the shelves up, though. Yay us!

So, though you are not interested nor care, I am planning and laying some groundwork for Quixotic Murmurs.



So yeah, seeing as how this is all me, I don't think I really need to go into detail here. I am a author, I write stuff.

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