Short stories

These short stories are stuff I have either had published and can share, or stuff I have finished and just put up here for your reading pleasure. Most of these stories that are not published are all edited by me, so I apologize, I have been writing since I was twelve years old, and I still can’t grammar well. After all I taught myself how to read, seriously.

I rock a lot of short stories when I need to unwind. Trigger Warning: Many of these stories are erotic in nature, because I am fascinated with the psychology of the honey mind. Regardless, some of them are not, and I will label them as such.

I’m sorry, I want to be able to share my short stories with you. I really do. However, there really isn’t a good solution to do this and protect my work. So I will keep looking in hopes there are fair and reasonable developers out there that have brains in their heads.

As I mentioned on dopesick’s page, I looked into my developing my own pdf reader that wouldn’t have a download option. Sadly, finding any real information that deals with the internet always seems to be routed back to premium, free trail, in short NOT FREE. Even when looking for doing it yourself.